【Certified Pre-Owned Car】

Thank you for looking at our MASERATI Meguro blog. I'm Yu Itaba in MASERATI Meguro. Let me introduce our a special information for you. This is guidance of Certified Pre-Owned Car(the used car). We have a variation-rich display car. We wait for communication by your any questions anytime. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. We are looking forward to you coming to MASERATI Meguro Showroom. We wait for your coming. Thank you for watching our Information about Certified Pre-Owned car. 〒152-003 5-2-5 Himonya Meguroku TOKYO TRIDENT ITARIA Ltd MASERATI Meguro TEL:03-5725-8280 FAX:03-5725-8281 【Regular holiday】Tuesday H.P.:https://www.maserati-meguro.com/ Blog: