New display in Maserati Meguro (in English)

Thank you very much for visiting our blog. I'm Yu Itaba. Let me introduce our new display car. As for it, a yellow Trident mark is very vivid. I think that the yellow stitch suits black leather very much. And yellow brakes calipers suits black aluminum wheels very well. The yellow has an impact very much. Furthermore it has an impression of the luxury and sports. White and the black affinity are good, too. Convertible looks really cool like that. This car attracts you in various situation. Large open car seating four with folding top... Would you like to do "a luxurious drive" on a convertible? We wait for all of you in a showroom. Thank you... 〒152-003 5-2-5 Himonya Meguroku TOKYO SKY Group - Heart Moving Experience TRIDENT ITARIA Ltd MASERATI Meguro TEL:03-5725-8280 FAX:03-5725-8281 【Regular holiday】Tuesday H.P.: Blog: