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Thank you for looking at our blog. I'm Yu Itaba in MASERATI Meguro. I will introduce a rare car. New exhibition car ~Quattroporte Sport GTS  =Bianco Fuji limited= I have never seen such a great color. Many peaple have great coment about this color. 【Exterior view】 Many of our customers said... 『this is the most attractive angle...』 【Rear View】 The most recent is the best. Yet... Many customers aren't always the same idea. 【Interior view】 Carrying knowledge into new fields. Many Maserati owners believe that the final model is the best. I am waiting for your contact. I'm glad your contact if it comes. Many other dealers will write blog in English. We are looking forward to many customers will be visiting. Thank you. 〒152-003 5-2-5 Himonya Meguroku TOKYO TRIDENT ITARIA Ltd MASERATI Meguro TEL:03-5725-8280 FAX:03-5725-8281 【Regular holiday】Tuesday H.P.:https://www.maserati-meguro.com/ Blog: 毎週【火曜日】定休